• Intelligence requires testing, especially artificial — quantitatively.


Dr Steven Keen

Steve is an engineer with 25 years of experience in the development and commissioning of complex automotive safety products, including ABS, ESP and brake-by-wire systems.  His range of experience covers subjects such as control theory, vehicle dynamics, machine learning, safety engineering, software development, and rapid prototyping systems.  Steve completed his PhD in Engineering at the University of Cambridge, UK on the subject of driver steering behavior; a copy of his PhD can be obtained here, and his LinkedIn page is here.

Dr Juozas Vaicenavicius

A researcher in Machine Learning & Statistics with 7 years of experience developing techniques for testing and evaluating complex systems; from atomic clocks in satellites to deep learning algorithms in autonomous vehicles. His experience covers statistics, probabilistic modelling, deep learning, and machine learning more broadly. Juozas has spent most recent years in the Autonomous Driving industry and still conducts academic research at Uppsala University, Sweden, where he also obtained his PhD in Mathematical Statistics; undergraduate and master’s at Oxford University, UK.